We take care of your dust bunnies


We know your house won't feel like home until all of the dust is gone. We take a thorough approach to make sure your new space is free from dust and dirt, even in the hidden places. 

Office Cleaning

What makes a space feel truly clean and fresh are the small details. We have all the ingredients to offer you tailor-made work space cleaning regime.

Does your business have a vehicle fleet? We can keep your vehicle interiors clean and comfortable too!

Interior Vehicle Detailing

We are fully equipped to bring our interior detailing service to you. Whether you are a Mom with a minivan who needs the seats and upholstery steam cleaned or shampooed, a semi truck owner parked in a lot with no power, or you have a grubby work truck parked at the yard, we have the tools to get your vehicle interior sparkling clean.

If you are a business with a fleet to maintain, we can organize a scheduled maintenance clean.


Whether you have your own cleaning products or you would like us use ours, we tailor our cleaning service to your needs. 


Get in touch to book your deep clean, maintenance clean or move in/ move out clean.

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Located in Abbotsford, B.C